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Whiskey Cake Old Fashioned Pour

The Old Fashioned is a timeless cocktail that has captivated drink enthusiasts for generations. With its simple trio of spirit, sugar, and bitters, this classic libation opens the door to endless flavor possibilities. The foundation of any Old Fashioned lies in the choice of spirit. While bourbon takes the spotlight, bringing caramel and vanilla notes, rye whiskey commands attention with its robust spice backbone, harmonizing beautifully with the sugar. Tequila brings a unique twist to the mix, infusing the cocktail with intriguing agave, orange, and vanilla flavors. Scotch offers a spectrum of possibilities, from unpeated to peated expressions or even a delightful combination of both. And let’s not overlook the charm of rum, with light and refreshing white rum or aged dark rum, enriching the blend with notes of molasses and brown sugar. To sweeten the journey, the choice of sugar is key. While white sugar/simple syrup serves as the classic option, there are many options to experiment with. Honey, agave, Demerara (or sugar in the raw) each offer their own distinctive character. Tap into your creativity and experiment with fruits, herbs, or spices to elevate your syrup infusions to new heights. The golden rule is to combine equal parts sugar and water, or adjust to a 2-to-1 ratio for liquid-based sugars like agave or honey. Lastly, we have the bitters, the unsung heroes of the Old Fashioned. Angostura, Old Fashioned, and orange bitters are the classics that add depth and complexity. Tiki, mole, hellfire, lavender, apple, or rhubarb bitters take you on a more adventurous path, infusing the cocktail with unexpected and intriguing flavors. Bitters, like alchemists, work their magic by enhancing the existing flavors and elevating the overall experience. Start your exploration with one of our favorites: the Little Rye Lies. Featuring Old Overholt Rye, turbinado black tea simple syrup, orange bitters, and Angostura bitters, it’s a harmonious blend of flavors. Click here to check out our Old Fashioned menu!